Passport to Paradise Destination Wedding Itinerary | Cabo | Jamaica | Dominican | Mexico


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Very authentic looking passport to paradise cover on this all-in-one travel wedding invitation creates a unique fun and creative send out to include your wedding details.

All your information is included, a page designated with all your personal info, your wedding day details, a map of the country where the ceremony and reception will be held, beaches to visit, travel activities to take part in and much more.

Can be sent out before the happiest day of your life takes place or at the airport to hand out. Can be altered for any destination wedding event, pictures can be added too if you would like to add on to these passport wedding invitations..

8 pages including cover and back, you can also add pages (4) if you wish with additional content. Can be combined with reply postcard, luggage tag or boarding pass reply with your passport wedding invitation.

Passports are 3.75 x 5.25 inches. Cover is tango silk cover with inside pages, coated satin smooth paper. Envelopes natural cream color or white.

Minimum print order of 20 sets (passport/envelopes) x $6/set. Pricing per set decreases with quantities ordered … inquire.

This design can also be prepared as a hi-res digital file at one-time cost of $65 to print on your own.


1. 'Ask a question' about this listing … I'll answer your email within 24 hours,

2. In your inquiry ask about the changes you would like to make to personalize for your wedding stationery (colors, fonts, graphics, text) .. let me know the number of invitations you'll need and if there's any 'extra items' you would need to accompany this listing that isn't mentioned.

3. I'm here to listen to you … pretty accommodating with all your concerns including budgets ... let's talk!

4. Once you feel confident to order with me and satisfied that all your needs will be taken care of … I will supply first digital proof of your piece(s) within 2 business days and the process begins back-and-forth until you're ecstatic with how they look!

5. When you're ready to head to printing stage, ask if you would like me to mail you one-off sample or we can just forge ahead (I stand by my final product to you, very professional wedding-ready to send out).

6. Printing takes up to 3 business days (unless you're in rush, let me know and can be quicker) Mailing out to the United States 5-7 business days, Canada 3-5 business days, other international countries up to 10 business days.

*Price on this listing is averaging 'per set' price assuming order of 75 quantities. Other quantities will either decrease or increase per set pricing … inquire.

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